Digital Menu Displays

TouchMenu syncs with your TouchPoint EPoS system to display a live digital menu or specials board that is always up-to-date. It lets customers know what's on the menu, what the price is and whets their appetite. Make changes on the go or let TouchPoint automatically remove items that are out of stock.


EPoS for your business

Saves Money

TouchMenu saves your staff time re-writing the menus. Product sizes, prices, and layout can all be adjusted to present the information just the way you want it without having to order new signage.


Add some colour to the service area with a bright, enticing menu that grabs the customer's attention and promotes your products and your brand. Fully customisable and designed to match the service area and your business.

ICRTouch EPoS System

Multi Screen

Custom skins with graphical table plan provide intuitive keyboard layouts for easy navigation. The till is simple to learn and operate.

Switch Menus

Rely on TouchPoint to ask the right questions at the right time. When an item is scanned, TouchPoint can prompt staff to talk about special offers.


TouchPoint is one of the most customisable EPoS system available, making it completely bespoke to your business requirements.


Staff can sign onto TouchPoint securely with fingerprint, ibutton, magnetic or mifare card sign on.

Audit Trail

All clerk activity is stored on the till so you can investigate mishaps.


TouchPoint integrates with a variety of hardware including CCTV, scales & payment systems.

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