Mobile Stock Control Software.

Hand-held stock control software. It counts stock, scans barcodes, checks deliveries and generates labels. It syncs with TouchOffice Web+ to create orders and update stock quantities.

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EPoS for your business

Simple Operation

TouchStock scans everything, item-by-item. Count up what you have and key in the total, then connect TouchStock to TouchOffice for a no-effort tally on what's been sold. TouchStock handles data effortlessly, enabling you to carry out a partial stock-take whenever you want. There's no need to check the store because you'll be able to check one line of products instead.

Complete Control

TouchStock puts you back in control of your stock, from price checking to producing shelf edge labels, TouchStock handles it all, effortlessly.

Limit functionality and TouchStock is perfect for use as a customer operated price checker unit .

ICRTouch EPoS System


When your order arrives TouchStock gives you the power to accurately, quickly and reliably check deliveries.


At the end of the day, quickly scan an item and enter the quantity for wastage to update your stock levels.

Stock Take

Using TouchStock you can perform quick and easy stock takes with more accuracy, freeing up your staff.

Price Check

TouchStock will check that the price on the shelf is also the price you're charging at the till. 


Sync with TouchOffice Web+ to easily generate a new shelf-edge label. No writing required and everything's back on track.


You aren't relying on staff knowing what every product is called, just scan the barcode so products aren't counted twice.

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