Fast Food, with Advanced Delivery Options.

Online ordering is made easy with the TouchTakeaway web app for QSR, hospitality and stadiums. Allow your customers to place an order from their table, seat, home, work desk, or on the go with a mobile or tablet.

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EPoS for your business


Your customers will appreciate having the opportunity to browse your full product range at their leisure, rather than being rushed into a decision while standing in a queue or waiting on the phone. This extra time encourages customers to spend more online than they would do in-store.


The Commander app brings TouchTakeaway to the hands of businesses who are not ready to take on a fully featured EPoS solution. A new way for users to manage their TouchTakeaway orders, the application can be loaded onto a low-cost tablet to allow management of orders as they arrive. This solution allows the business owner to quickly view, progress, complete, and even reject orders, directly from the application’s interface. We think that’s pretty neat and is available from any ICRTouch Partner.

Online Ordering

In today's digital world, serving your local online market with TouchTakeaway can dramatically increase your sales.

In the UK Dominos' online sales accounted for 79% of their revenue in 2017-18.

Link your web app to your WiFi connection so customers can place an order to their table or seat number. Great for large restaurants with outside seating and stadiums / theatres.

Bespoke App

If you want to take TouchTakeaway a step further then a custom built mobile app is the next step. Designed for your business, the app can contain not only your menu but a host of other information. Why not incorporate TouchReservation for those people who prefer to eat in?

Our mobile app provides more than just an ordering tool for customers, we send back invaluable delivery information back to drivers and the restaurant. Combine this with the Commander and you have a Takeaway System that keeps you in control and your customers informed.

ICRTouch EPoS System


TouchTakeaway provides you with everything you need to generate new revenue streams from online food orders with a webshop, whether for delivery or 'click and collect' pre-ordering of meals.


With our team of experts you can be sure your online store can easily be found by local customers on search engines such as Google.

0% Commission

Online ordering platforms will typically charge up to 20% commission on every transaction you make, however with TouchTakeaway there is no commission fee, so 100% of the profit stays in your pocket.


Run discount code promotions that can be redeemed exclusively on your TouchTakeaway shop. This is a great way to get customers to spend with you online.


Allergen alerts keep your customers informed of ingredients before they place their order, so they can be sure that they can dig in to their meal.

Minimum Spend

Require a minimum spend on deliveries. This reduces inefficient fuel/driver costs and prompts your customers to spend a little extra.

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